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A second look at the trailer.

I went out to the trailer and took some pictures so you can see it and so I could get a better idea of where I can start. from what it looks like, the floor isn’t insulated, the ceiling and walls are barely insulated [maybe 3/4″ of fiberglass batting] the trailer structurally has very little bracing so when you push on the side the whole trailer sways.  I am debating on weather I should try to brace the current frame and add new siding or tear it down to the floor and build up, or take the whole thing off the trailer and build from the trailer up. I guess it will all depend on what donations I can get, for now it looks like an eyesore sitting in the lot next to the other trailer that’s out there. I need to call the local scrapyards and see what they will give me for the siding and/or the frame to see what I can start with. I doubt there is much value in it bit it is wired so there is copper wiring in it that is probably worth something.  There is also a greywater tank under the trailer that I am excited about. After I make this post I am going to make a post on craigslist to see if there are any good people out there that would be willing to donate their unused materials for a good cause.  More to come!