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Recycling is Outdated…UPCYCLE!

I woke up today and went through my daily stumble around the internet reading things that I think would interest me when i cam across this blog:

and it made me think of how true it is, only 25% of plastic bottles actually get recycled, then they are made into…wait for it…plastic bottles. 90% of bottles get to the recycling center in near perfect condition. If they were to be sorted, sterilized and relabeled, they could be filled up over and over again. If we were to implant an rfid chip into the plastic we could easily sort the bottles automatically into their respective piles for cleaning and refill.

Give that article a read, I liked it, maybe you will too.

here is a quick fact I also found while stumbling this morning.

For every 120 pounds of wood [around 60 2"x4"x8' boards] that we reuse [for building UpShelters, 
decks, soapbox derby cars, etc] we save 1 mature tree, 412 gallons of 
water, 4.7 cubic feet of landfill space, 5 gallons of oil, and 241 KW 
of electricity. Isn't upcycling fun?!?! [that's a rhetorical question, 
yes it's fun]