Project UpCycle is a project that started with a dollar and a Redbox movie [So I guess it started with two dollars…anyways] I was getting a movie and my girlfriend saw a homeless guy sitting against the wall and out of the way, not a walmart scammer but a real dude, down on his luck and out of a place to sleep.  She walked over and tried to give the guy a dollar [He didn’t ask for it, he didn’t have a sign, nothing] and the guy didn’t want to take it [that part made him awesome] well eventually he did, we got our movie, and we went on our way.  On the ride home we complained about how many scammers there are nowadays pretending to be homeless and how it makes it hard to actually help the true homeless people, then sprung the idea of a “homes for the homeless” project building rammed earth 8×8 homes in people’s backyards with a door to the alley; Great idea, too much faith in people. Needless to say the idea flopped.


Time went by and other stuff happened and I became obsessed with tiny houses as a place to live in between places to live. I don’t know why it didn’t come to me sooner but this was the perfect shelter for a homeless person! It’s mobile, completely custom, and can be built to meet an individuals needs!


But just building these things isn’t good enough because one: incredibly wasteful to buy everything new and two: it’s narrow minded. By Upcycling peoples’ unwanted or scrap stuff I could help the landfills, the city dump, and our environment! How cool is that?!?!?!?Very cool that’s how.


so I took everything I knew about tiny houses [I kind of got obsessed on the topic so I learned anything and everything I could about them] and came up with a green and sustainable version that could be built using discarded stuff. The project was reborn, I wrote up a 15 page proposal, made 5 different designs with several different floorplans, heating and cooling options, waste filtering options and put up a website [this blog].  I put an ad up on Craigslist asking for stuff and a guy emailed me back saying he had a trailer I might be interested in, I was and the project took off!


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  1. What a magnificent plan! Good on ya 🙂


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