Trash to treasure!

I went swimming today and on the way to the pool I found a blue charcoal grill sitting by the trash, it was broken but not in terrible condition [the lid fell off when I tried to open it]

I knew I could use it so I set it aside and went swimming.

When I came and got it I got a better look at it and found that there wasn’t a whole lot wrong with it.  A rack was out of place, a screw came out, and a rivet was popped.

I fixed the rack, screwed in the screw and cut the rivet off and re riveted the joint. Total investment: about a nickel

Now I had a working grill! I gave it some thought and figured that charcoal wouldnt be the best cooking/heat source in a tiny home as it is expensive and inefficient [not to mention a fire hazard] So I put it up on craigslist. The price of this model new was $40 so I set my asking price at $15.  To move it quickly [so I wouldn’t have it sitting on my porch taking up space and not being used] I offered it for $10 if it was gone by the end of the weekend. Within an hour of posting it someone responded and came and picked it up.

They got a good cheap grill, I got $9.95 for the project. WIN WIN!

Total investment to this point:

1 welder

1 rivet


Project yield:

1 8×16 ft tandem axle trailer

Pile of useful wood

1 keg of beer

1 blue charcoal grill to good home

I would include the pressure cooker but I bought that for me, I may buy another one later on for the prototype but for now I will leave it off.

Tip of the day: The average laptop consumes between 60 and 120 watts of electricity when plugged in. most netbooks are energy star rated and only draw 35 watts plugged in. By investing in a netbook, your power consumption can be cut in half or more. If you have a 75 watt solar panel you could run your computer, a box fan, and a light on the same amount of energy that a normal laptop uses.

Extra tip: if your computer is always plugged in, take out the battery. If you leave the battery in while the computer is plugged in and not charging the battery is still using its charge cycles and will wear out faster. Take your battery out and prolong your battery life!

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