Our first real donation!!!

I got a call from a guy today saying that he has a bunch of used lumber that I could have if I came and picked it up, I love good people!


I went out to see the wood and found out it came from two old houses that had been demo’d.  There is also copious amounts of pvc pipe which is too big to use for the plumbing but it will work great as a heating tank for solar hot water! pvc is probably the easiest material to work with when building anything [and I have built my fair share of potato guns]. It can be bent, cut, screwed into, drilled and tapped, it can withstand over 100psi of pressure and its cheap as all get out. now the bad part about pvc is that it isn’t exactly green, ok its not really green at all. As a matter of fact the pvc will release toxic chemicals into the water, especially since it is being heated all day long…so don’t drink it, but who wants to drink warm water anyways? eww?


anyways, space is tight and I will probably end up storing the wood and pvc inside the trailer, cut and build the frame walls [storing them on the roof?] then when I have a good portion of the frame done I will un bolt the trailer from the frame, take the whole thing off, and install the floor. If I have enough time I will erect and secure the walls. After that is done I can continue to store materials inside the frame while they are being used.  Ideally I would get a shipping container and store everything in there, then build outside [there wouldn’t be enough space inside to erect an 8 foot wall] but alas I don’t have a shipping container, nor the cash to buy one, nor a way to move it around, Im looking into renting a space at an RV storage facility so maybe that will work out…but so far the apartment hasn’t said anything about the trailer so hopefully I can get the house [or at least a good looking frame] built before it becomes a problem with them. It seems to be that if nobody complains about it, the apartment complex doesn’t seem to care, so Im going to roll with that and keep things so that people won’t complain about them [be a good neighbor eh?]


Anyways, I’ll make another post tomorrow of what we reap, wish us luck and thanks for the support!!!

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